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Matthew Haas will tell you that he’s creative and likes creating things: it’s part of the reason why he has five children (really!). It’s also the reason why his list of talents and experience is substantial.

Two events of Matthew’s youth helped to shape his career path. The first - when his love affair with technology really began - was when he got his hands on a 286 computer. The second was meeting what would become one of his future business partners when he was just 13.

Matthew got his first job as early as he could to save enough money to buy a video camera and develop imaginative short features. These videos soon caught the interest of businesses who then hired him to shoot and produce work. He co-founded Syndicate Pictures in 1999 after receiving dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Film and Video production from Drexel University.

And while his first business did start in a basement, it grew a bit: Matthew now consults on numerous national (and on occasion inter-national) accounts and projects.






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