how he started

Being innovative is just part of who Matt is. He comes from a long line of innovators.

His great-grandfather, grandfather, and uncle were all accomplished inventors with dozens of patents between them. To help kindle his interest in science, Matt’s grandfather bought him a Radio Shack electronics kit when Matt was nine years old. Matt’s free time was spent experimenting with electronics — including finding several ways to set booby traps for any sibling who may try to enter his room uninvited.

A year later, Matt’s love for computers began when his family purchased their first home 286 PC. In no time, he was computer coding in the BASIC programming language. When Matt was 11, his grandfather’s neighborhood had a fire that ravaged many properties in the community. Inspired by this event, Matt and his grandfather designed and prototyped a specialized smoke alarm system with an outside-the-home alert, notifying local homeowners to save property and lives.

Matthew Haas - 286 Computer
Matthew Haas - Young
Matthew Haas - Nick Repino

Matt got his first job when he was 10 years old, getting up long before daybreak to deliver newspapers. His first foray into the fundraising world came when he was 12 years old as he began helping his father with his non-profit. Through the years, Matt assisted with various aspects of the non-profit, including organizing direct-mail initiatives, coordinating fundraising objectives, and writing marketing campaign copy. From his early work experiences, Matt developed his grit and hustle that he would apply to all his future endeavors – even his creative pastimes.

Matthew Haas

Matt met his future business partner, Nick Repino, during their early teen years in school. As teenagers, Matt and Nick loved creating video shorts with their friends. When he was 15, Matt worked all summer saving enough money to buy his own video camera, and the two began to create many imaginative, short movies. These videos caught the interest of several local businesses, who hired them to shoot and produce work for them. Matt co-founded his first company with Nick called Syndicate Pictures when he was 19.

In 1997, Matt saw the early potential of the internet and formed his second company, Syndicated Technologies. His vision was to help serve the anticipated business needs through software and web development. He went on to earn dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Film and Video Production from Drexel University.

Matt continues to innovate, build brands, and consult with clients across the world.

what he’s working on


Matthew Haas Work

Syndicate Strategies

Matt is president of Syndicate Strategies, a full-service consulting, marketing, and advertising agency with a strong technology backbone and outstanding creative abilities. Their clients benefit from an ongoing customized and integrated suite of services. Their diverse, yet cohesive approach delivers a significant return-on-investment for our clients’ marketing dollars and ad budgets.

Matthew Haas Work

Syndicate Pictures

As co-founder and president of Syndicate Pictures, Matt helps lead the charge of this film and video production company. Unlike traditional production houses, Syndicate Pictures serves its customers as video strategic consultants. Founded in 1995, Syndicate Pictures has been helping clients plan and execute effective, long-term video and digital media strategies. Matt’s work has won several film awards and recognitions. They also produce fun independent shorts called Terse Films.

Matthew Haas Work

Syndicated Technologies

Ever since Matt founded Syndicated Technologies in 1997, he has been leading his team of talented engineers and designers in solving complex business challenges through innovative software and hardware solutions. Matt’s broad education and experience spans both the technical world and the world of creative endeavors, positioning him as a sort of Renaissance man who is not satisfied with simply providing a technically excellent product; rather, all of his projects are driven by his unique blend of technical excellence, imagination and creativity.

Matthew Haas Work

A natural outgrowth of his work with his multiple companies, Matt was inspired to create, a website resource to explore and develop the “waste-free” marketing concept. Founded in 2006, it has expanded to be a resource for marketers and business leaders to learn ideas that cut down on waste and expense, specifically in the execution of communications plans, to increase overall marketing efficiency.

Matthew Haas Work

Under Matt’s guidance, he developed a SaaS website service that allows small businesses to run data analyses on key components of their companies. Unlike expensive “big data” platforms that can cost millions, empowers small businesses with the tools to evaluate their sales so they can properly inform their future business decisions and strategies.

Matthew Haas Work

Zaad Awards

Matthew created the Zaad Awards to celebrate excellence, creativity, and philanthropy in diverse fields of talent. Believing excellence must be cultivated, Zaad Awards hosts competitions designed to inspire imagination, service, and showcase exceptional accomplishments. “Zaad” comes from a root word meaning seed – a seed planted in the spark of inspiration culminates in a crowning achievement or new idea. Similarly, Zaad Awards produce seeds of positive change by raising funds for deserving non-profits and charitable causes around the globe.

Matthew Haas Work

JP Leisure Properties

Setting aside time for reflection and make lasting memories with family is the inspiration behind JP Leisure Properties – a real estate investment and property management company featuring vacation rental properties up and down the east coast. Underscoring the belief that strong families are the cornerstone of a strong nation, JP Leisure Properties invites you to step into a place where you can relax, recapture, and reconnect with the things that matter most in life.

Matt’s passion for forecasting the ever-changing business landscape, his creativity in approaching challenges, and his mindfulness of the principles of human motivation has driven the success of his ventures and his clients’ companies.

Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas
Matthew Haas

what he’s doing for fun

Matt loves creating in his spare time. He is a firm believer that creativity in one area of a person’s life spills over to all parts, enhancing and informing all endeavors.

Matthew began playing violin at eight and piano at 11. Through his parents’ and music teacher’s encouragement, Matt began composing when he was 12. Finding inspiration to work in many different styles of music, he has had the privilege of writing and performing with two music groups as well as a variety of other artists.

Matt co-composed and co-produced an album with gold record producer and band member Alfonso DiGirolamo, III. The album “Absolution,” by Serenity of Life, has been sold internationally in over 25 countries. He also loves making time for scriptwriting, and directing short films, documentaries, and music videos.

He credits his wife and their five children as his primary source of inspiration. When not working, he enjoys spending as much time as he can with them and passing on to his children what was given to him by his parents and grandparents. Together they dabble in electronics, making short films, building projects, and making music.

investing in the future

Matt has tremendous reverence for both the natural world and the immense power of the human spirit and feels grateful to be able to help protect and promote them. He has donated time and resources to many non-profit organizations and programs.

  • sudan relief fund

    A cause close to Matt’s heart is the Sudan Relief Fund, which has been providing lifesaving essentials – food, clean water, clothes, medicine, and shelter — to the struggling people of South Sudan in Africa since 1998.

  • tyler arboretum

    With an eye toward preservation and respect for the land, Matt’s proud to support the Tyler Arboretum, a place that makes him nostalgic for his youth in Ohio and Pennsylvania and the magical hours he spent exploring the woods, streams, and wildlife.

  • christian faith

    A driving principle in Matt’s life is his Christian faith. He enjoys going to church on Sundays with his family and being involved community outreach. He started a blog site with friends to share their reflections on the faith at

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